How it works

Stack of Clean Crate boxes with women in jeans standing beside 
Subscribe to the Clean Crate
  • Select your Clean Crate (scented or unscented, with or without dishwasher)
  • Select add-ons which ship free with your crate 
  • Receive your crate and bring joy to your every day clean routine!
Three months later
  • You will receive a survey 6 days prior to your delivery with a wide selection of products to choose from to build your own customized delivery. You will have option to choose products you've tried previously, or try something new.
  • Option to select add-ons for your next crate delivery (ships free with your crate)
  • Receive your new crate...Repeat! 
At anytime
  • Skip one seasons' crate delivery 
  • Change the date of your next delivery and/or your crate type
  • Cancel your Clean Crate subscription