What types of Clean Crates are available?
Scented and unscented, with or without dishwasher 

How often do I pay?
You pay $99 + tax every three months or $371 + tax once a year

How often will I receive my crate?
Your crate will automatically ship every three months from your initial delivery date 

What if I don’t need a new crate after three months?
You can log in to your account to: 

  • Pause - to postpone your next crate delivery until you unpause
  • Skip - to skip one seasons' crate delivery 

Keep an eye on your emails for important timelines for changes to upcoming orders

What if I pause for more than 3 months or skip a crate? 
You will miss a seasons’ crate and will receive the following seasons’ crate.  

Can I choose the individual products in my crate? 
No. Daily Essentials Crate products are fixed, however you can select from a wide range of products to add to your crate. 

What If I need other household products?
Shop our add-ons for any other household products you may need. They will be added to your next crate with no additional shipping fees. 

Keep an eye on your emails for important timelines and information on how to add to your crate.

Will my original add-ons get added to every crate? 
No, they will only be added to your next crate. You may choose other add-ons for future crates.

What if I want to swap the products in my crate?  
We do not have this option available at this point. 

How does shipping work?
Shipping is included in the cost of your Clean Crate Subscription. Add-ons will be included in crate deliveries with no additional shipping fees. 

There is a $7 flat rate shipping charge for all add-on products that are purchased and shipped independently of a Clean Crate.  This shipping rate is standard for all orders across Canada. No minimum purchase required.  For more info check out our shipping policy. 

When will I receive my order?
Initial orders will be shipped out within 2 business days of purchase. Subsequent orders will be shipped 3 months after initial purchase. 

*Customers should anticipate delays as important safety measures, including physical distancing, means it takes longer for Canada Post to process heavy parcel volumes. We thank you for your support and patience*

Aren’t foam packing peanuts bad for the environment? 
We chose our packing peanuts because they are compostable. They are made out of starch and should be put in your green waste bin or dissolved in water when you are done with them. They are not bad for the environment, they help nourish our soil if composted.

Are your products all natural?  

What if I have allergies/sensitivities?  
Check out our Unscented Crate  

When you say your crates last the average household 3 months, how do you define the average household?
3 + people

Please email us any other questions you have.