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An Exclusively Canadian Subscription Box + Add-On Shop

Wondering which cleaning products to use for a healthy home and a happy planet?


Founder of the Clean Crate Company looking at cleaning products

We've Got You!


Our quarterly subscription box offers you convenience, flexibility and variety, by delivering all your daily household cleaning products.

We source products exclusively from Canada's best brands and thoroughly test all items so you can be confident in their effectiveness. 

We've made it budget friendly and each delivery is worth significantly more than the retail value!

Easily budget $33 per month for all your daily cleaning essentials (with your subscription delivered every quarter)


Here's How The Clean Crate Subscription Works:

Step 1
Choose a crate: 
Scented or Unscented, With or Without dishwasher

Step 2
Option to select Add-Ons 
(free shipping with crate)     

Step 3
Enjoy your subscription! Delivered every three months (Reschedule Cancel anytime)


Crates Always Include:
Surface cleaner + hand soap + dish washing soap + dishwasher + laundry detergent + bonus eco-extras. (over $110 value)

Always Free Shipping Within Canada


Once you receive your first Clean Crate filled with awesome products, you will be able to customize your subsequent deliveries.