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About Us

We are so excited you have stopped by our site and are considering subscribing to the Clean Crate.  Or maybe you already have?  Either way, we want to say welcome! 

The Clean Crate Company was born out of frustration with the lack of quality eco-products in traditional retail stores. There were so many great brands we wanted to try but couldn't easily find.

From the beginning, one thing was truly clear to us – we were only going to source products made by Canadians for The Clean Crate Company. With all of the changes to our global economies, it is more important now than ever before to shop local, and reduce our carbon footprint.  

We spend a great deal of time curating the products in our Clean Crates and Add-on Shop to meet our exceedingly high standards for our homes and yours. We are continually sourcing and testing new brands and products for you to try!

We hope that the Clean Crate will make your life a little cleaner, a little easier, and a little happier.  

Meet the Founders

Candice - Clean Crate Founder

Candice - I have been on a journey to reduce the unnecessary toxins in my life since losing my mother to breast Cancer when I was 18, and when I became a mother myself 5 years ago, I immersed myself in finding more natural alternatives to use in my home and for my family. 

More than ever before, I find myself making conscious choices to be more mindful as a consumer, finding creative ways to re-use and dispose of products, and really thinking about the impact I have on the environment around me.  

Kelly - Clean Crate Founder

Kelly - I’ve always had a passion for sustainable, compassionate, mindful living. These passions form a strong thread through all aspects of my family life, from prioritizing yoga meditation and time in nature, to teaching my kids how to properly compost,  recycle and shop!  

I firmly believe that we can make a difference if we make small simple changes and I am so honoured to be able to share one fun way that we are going to make a huge difference - through the products we use in our homes!