Winter Clean Crates Almost Gone!

Winter Clean Crates Almost Gone!

Going Going Almost Gone

Clean Crates make it easy to stock your cupboards with the products you use everyday in your home, while adding joy and variety to daily tasks.  A selection of Canadian brands from across the country are featured in the Winter 2021 Clean Crates.  Each product is mindfully selected to offer our subscribers a variety of top quality, eco-friendly, sustainable and non-toxic products that make it simple to green up their clean up while treading a little lighter on the planet. There is only a limited quantity remaining for new subscribers until March 31st 

Curated with Sustainability and Simplicity in Mind  

The Winter 2021 products have been widely popular with our current and new subscribers!  This crate brings an earthy, floral and sustainable range of products into your home while introducing you to exciting eco alternatives. Some notable eco-conscious are the dishwasher packs from Quebec based The Unscented Company which are bulked packed in a reusable produce bag from Vancouver based BeeKind; as well the foaming hand soap from Etobicoke's Green Cricket is refillable and their 5X refill option is available to add-on to your Clean Crate from our Add-On Shop. 

⁠What's in the Winter 2021 Clean Crates 

Available in both a Scented and Unscented option and an option for dishwasher detergent or without dishwasher detergent. 

This incredible line up of products from across the country will give your home the clean you want without any harsh, toxic chemicals. Daily cleaning essentials that are safe for your family, gentle on the planet and that smell divine - naturally

Scented Clean Crate:⁠

winter 2021 clean crate. selection of eco friendly, non toxic Canadian household cleaning essentials

  • Aspen Clean Dish Soap - Lavender Lemongrass ⁠
  • Eco Living Club Laundry Strips - Spring Scent - 80 loads ⁠
  • The Unscented Company Dishwasher Packs - 70 loads⁠
  • Bee Kind Reusable Produce Bag ⁠
  • PURE Kitchen + Bathroom Cleaner - Fresh Scent⁠
  • PURE Stain Remover for Laundry + Household ⁠
  • Green Cricket Foaming Hand Soap - Pine Forest ⁠
  • Green Cricket Hand & Body Lotion - Coconut ⁠
  • Green Cricket - Aloe Hand Sanitizer ⁠
  • Silvapure Antibacterial Linen Spray - Lavender ⁠

Unscented Clean Crate:⁠
Unscented household cleaning products that are eco friendly sustainable and non toxic

  • Aspen Clean Dish Soap ⁠
  • Eco Living Club Laundry Strips ⁠ - 80 loads⁠
  • The Unscented Company Dishwasher Packs - 70 loads⁠
  • Bee Kind Reusable Produce Bag ⁠
  • Biovert - Window & Glass Cleaner⁠
  • Green Cricket Foaming Hand Soap⁠
  • Green Cricket Hand & Body Lotion⁠
  • Silvapure Antibacterial Spray⁠

At The Clean Crate Company our goal is to make it simple for you to green up your clean up while taking the worry out of which products to buy!  We spend a tremendous amount of time selecting and testing each product so that you can be confident with your purchase. Our subscription service is designed to make your life easier - cancel or reschedule as you need. All Clean Crates ship free in Canada and we encourage you to Add-On to your crate so you have everything you need delivered right to your door.