To Scent or Not to Scent

To Scent or Not to Scent

Do you find yourself wondering if you should be using products with or without scent? Or why we can’t wear perfume in many public places? Do you notice that some smells give you a headache and wonder why? I’d like to share with you the not-so-straight-forward answer to these questions.

The Power of Smell 

Have you ever smelled something and instantly had a vivid memory? When I smell something burning I am transported to early mornings, wandering through narrow streets in Bali while household garbage is burnt - it isn’t/and wasn’t a lovely smell but the memories and emotions that are evoked are beautiful. Smell is our oldest sense and is deeply connected to the emotion and memory centre of the brain. Smells and scents have the power to influence mood, relaxation, alertness, stress, evoke memories, and spark attraction.

woman relaxing on her couch with her dog with the uplifting scents of Clean Crate products

Benefits of Scents 

Although preference of a given smell can be quite personal (like my fondness for burning garbage), there are many scents that are culturally pleasing and - if they are naturally derived - have positive effects. Lemon is an uplifting scent and can energize and invigorate, it also has antibacterial cleaning properties.  Peppermint is an energy booster, promotes clarity and provides relief from headaches, colds, and indigestion. Lavender has a soothing calming effect on the mind and body.   

lemons and essential oils, natural scents that make up all the products in the Scented Clean Crate Subscription box

What about "Fragrance"?  

Fragrance (AKA parfum) is a catch-all term used by the cosmetic and household care industry and includes approximately 4,000 plant/animal extracts or synthetic chemicals. Many of these chemicals are dangerous, respiratory irritants, asthma triggers, carcinogens and neurological toxins. The average person may not be conscious or aware of these chemicals. They have, however, been linked to breast cancer, contamination of waterways and wildlife, and a variety of other environmental concerns. 

These substances are especially disruptive to people living with asthma, other lung conditions and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (over 7 million Canadians). For people living with these conditions the chemicals found in fragrances lead to a variety of symptoms like headache/migraine, allergic reactions, difficulty breathing, nausea and confusion. 

father looking lovingly at baby on change table in a room cleaned by natural non toxic cleaning products from the Clean Crate Subscription BoxUnscented and Fragrance-Free

For some people any scent at all can be displeasing or outright disruptive. In order to meet the household needs of this growing group, many Canadian companies have pioneered quality household products that are unscented and fragrance-free. One of our favourites, featured in our Unscented Signature and Winter 2021 Clean Crates, is the Unscented Company. 

If you are sensitive to fragrance and scents, look for “fragrance-free” labels. Fragrance-free generally indicates that a product contains no fragrance or scent ingredients. Whereas “unscented” products may contain chemicals that neutralize or mask the odours of other ingredients. 

Clean Crate has something for everyone

At The Clean Crate Company we carefully curate a selection of Scented and Unscented home cleaning essentials. Our Scented Crates feature products with uplifting, calming, natural scents to bring more joy to your cleaning routine. Perfect for those who love the refreshing smell of a clean home.

Our Unscented Crates include an exciting variety of products to discover - unscented cleaners aren’t easy to come by! If you or someone you know may be impacted by scents, an Unscented Clean Crate may be the perfect gift to help purify the home environment.