The Clean Crate Company: Behind the Box with Candice and Kelly

The Clean Crate Company: Behind the Box with Candice and Kelly

The decision to launch a business during a pandemic wasn't daunting; it was exciting to Candice Kincaid and Kelly Ebbers. As the world reacted to the virus's spread, these headstrong and family-focused women decided it was the perfect time to get proactive. 

Inspiring a Movement

The Coronavirus pandemic may have inspired The Clean Crate Company, but it was the duo's united front that addressed and advocated for personal accountability in creating sustainable, non-toxic home product options for Canadian consumers.

"We believe that all Canadians deserve access to safe and effective products in their home. We challenged ourselves to create the company that will take the lead in helping Canadians remove toxins from their homes in a safe, convenient, and affordable way."

Success in Second Quarter

With the launch of the second Clean Crate subscription box, Candice and Kelly are moving ahead with the establishment of collaborations with like-minded businesses, special interest groups who advocate for the environment, and up-and-coming Canadian manufacturers of green products (non-toxic, fragrance-free, vegan, and cruelty-free) suitable for box inclusion.

5 Tenets to Build Upon

The strength of The Clean Crate Company's business philosophy lies in these five fundamental tenets:

  • Build a strong community passionate about 'Greening up their clean-up.'
  • Be a trusted resource and go-to for expert advice.
  • Maintain a leadership position in cultivating new product offerings.
  • Create powerful collaborations to bring innovative new products to the Canadian marketplace.
  • Focus on customer satisfaction and creating an outstanding experience for all.

Moving Forward with Confidence

2021 will be a strong year for The Clean Crate Company. Candice Kincaid and Kelly Ebbers have mapped out a sustainable strategy for their company which will build the sales of the subscription boxes, assist in the development of eco-living products, and position themselves as experts in the Home & Health lifestyle niche.