Simple Earth-Friendly Swaps For Your Summer Travels!

Simple Earth-Friendly Swaps For Your Summer Travels!

Whether your summer adventure is a cross-country road trip, a local campout or settling into the cabin for the next few months,  we have everything you'll need to keep mother nature happy when you're cleaning up. 

Unscented dish soap from Aspen Clean

All Natural Dish Soap like this Unscented Dish Soap from Aspen Clean is a must-have when washing dishes outdoors.  All our dish soaps are biodegradable and contain no artificial ingredients, but tough enough for the dirtiest dishes! 

Don't forget to pack a few of your Compostable Sponge Cloth! Great for dishes and they provide an easy clean up all kinds of messesSuper absorbent, quick-drying (so they are naturally anti-bacterial and don't get stinky!)  and can be composted when the trip is done.  A great way to reduce waste. 

Beeswax Wraps are another great option; swap cling wrap for a more eco-friendly, multi use wrap; wrap up leftovers, pack snacks for the beach and keep bugs out of wine glasses.  

Make sure to wash with cold water and dish soap and you're set to reuse these all summer long!  Cut old wraps into strips and they are a great fire starter! 

Another great eco-friendly option to pack along on your travels is our Coconut Fiber Scrub Brush! It's gentle enough to clean your fruits and veggies,  and strong enough to scrub off those baked beans. Made with biodegradable coconut fiber husks, just wash with warm soapy water and hang to dry in between uses.

Eco-Strips laundry detergent

Pre-measured Laundry Detergent Sheets are the perfect camping companion! Ultra-lightweight and zero waste, great for hand washing or a quick trip to the laundromat. Hypoallergenic and super gentle for everyone in the family and available in unscented of a gentle fresh linen aroma.  

Enjoy your summer adventures knowing you are keeping you family healthy with non-toxic products and the earth happy with eco-friendly and biodegradable, Canadian made options available from The Clean Crate Company.