Happy Holidays, Happy Planet: 4 Simple Ways To Help Reduce The Holiday Carbon Footprint 

Happy Holidays, Happy Planet: 4 Simple Ways To Help Reduce The Holiday Carbon Footprint 

The global carbon footprint of the holiday season is massive. Here are some simple ideas to help you reduce the impact your family has this holiday season!

Shop Local Whenever Possible

According to a recent study by the CFIB, (Canadian Federation of Independent Business) 80% of Canadians are worried that their local businesses will shut down.  By choosing to support these business during the peak shopping season, you are helping to keep dollars in your community and businesses open!  

One of the greatest environmental benefits of shopping local is the reduction in carbon emissions that are created from the transportation of goods around the world. Read more here on simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint all year long here.

Consider Your Wrapping

Canadians generate 540,000 tonnes of waste from gift wrapping and shopping bags every year — that's the equivalent of 100,000 elephants if you need a visual - Yikes!  Most gift wrapping is made out of hard-to-recycle mixed materials and so goes straight to landfill  - Greenpeace.org

By choosing to reuse gift bags, last years wrapping paper, you are not only reducing waste, but saving money too! We love reusing brown paper packaging and having our kids colour it for a personal touch. Another option is to invest in beautiful cloth gift bags or fabric that can be reused and repurposed. Use ribbon or paper tape instead of traditional plastic adhesive tape which is not recyclable.  

Decorate Consciously

Skip the glitter! This micro plastic is harmful to our sea life, our rivers, lakes and oceans.  They can take many many years to biodegrade.  Even biodegradable options aren't great for the environment. 

Choose LED or solar powered lights: Choose wisely when buying the holiday lights to decorate your home (a regular string of lights produce enough carbon dioxide to fill 15,500 hot air balloons,) 

Shop second hand: If you've taken a wonder down the holiday isle at your local thrift store, you'll likely find lots of great holiday decorations at a fraction of the cost of new ones.  Just because someone else was done with it, doesn't mean it needs to end up in the landfil! 

Celebrate Locally

Although we are probably all itching for a holiday this year, choosing to stay local is one of the greatest ways we can help to reduce our carbon footprint this holiday.  Pre-covid, over 1 million Canadians would travel overnight during the holiday season.  This year we encourage you to consider your travel and transportation.  Choose to take a bus, or sky train when possible, and enjoy the wintery views and Christmas lights along your journey,  while also reducing your emissions. Book a overnight stay in your local community that will also help keep your dollars local. 

 At The Clean Crate Company, our goal is to help our fellow Canadian incorporate simple changes into their lifestyle that will help to create a healthy home, and a happier planet. Learn more about the Canadian brands we support and the services we offer here.