Raising Eco-Conscious Kids – It’s Not That Hard!

Raising Eco-Conscious Kids – It’s Not That Hard!

As parents, we want the very best future for our children. We want them to be happy and safe and good people - my gosh, I just want my kids to grow up into decent human beings! I don’t know about you, but for me, a part of being a decent human being is doing my part to care for our planet. So how can we help our kids learn these values and behaviours? 

Be a Green Role Model for Your Kids

By subscribing with The Clean Crate Company, you are already doing this! Children learn by imitating adults; it’s called social learning. It is the little things, like letting the kids see you turn off the water while you brush your teeth, re-use paper packaging and choosing eco-friendly products. They will imitate, learn and eventually repeat many of those behaviours - research shows it

mom and daughter making a healthy meal together in a clean kitchen. Eco friendly family uses non toxic natural cleaning products from the Clean Crate Subscription Box.

I’ve always carefully unwrapped gifts and folded the paper to re-use it. Why? Because I saw my mom do it for years every Christmas and birthday. When we ask people why they use traditional cleaning products, most say: “I just use what my mom used.” The Clean Crate subscription is here to help you discover eco-friendly cleaning products that work and are safe for your home and family!  

Strengthening Your Bond Through Cleaning Play

Create opportunities for your kids to imitate and practise positive behaviours. Repetition strengthens neural pathways and creates habits. Your kids can help you by sorting the recycling, turning out lights when rooms are left or helping out with eco and kid-friendly cleaning products.
mother and daughter drawing together. Daughter excited. Learning about eco friendly environmentally aware living. Sparkling home cleaned with Clean Crate Subscription box of home cleaning products, all natural, eco friendly non-toxic, Canadian

Find the joy of play, get down on your kids’ level, have a tea party, pretend to be a superhero duo or spend time drawing together. Take time to include environmental themes in your play, pretend to compost the leftover cookies from your tea party, catch the ‘litter monster’ or draw underwater scenes to encourage a conversation about how we can protect our oceans. 

Let Fresh Air Be Your Guide

People who spend time in nature care more about nature. It makes sense, right? If your kids love playing in the snow, exploring the beach or the forest, and jumping in puddles at parks, they will be motivated to protect these environments and act in environmentally friendly ways

Clean Crate Subscription family, committed to living eco friendly, laughing and running in the forest.

Getting outdoors also has awesome side effects like reduced stress and anxiety, increased self-esteem and improved mood! Remember there is no bad weather, only bad clothing! Make a goal to get outdoors rain or shine a few times a week and make it happen! 

At Clean Crate it is our goal to give families more time for everything we've shared above. We help you discover natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly products so you can spend less time at the shops and have cleaner healthier homes.