How Tru Earth Laundry Strips Can Help Your Child's Development

How Tru Earth Laundry Strips Can Help Your Child's Development

Do you get your kids to help you with the laundry? Okay we are parents too, we understand that sometimes getting your kids help takes twice as long as if you were to do it on your own. But getting the kids involved allows you to get a task done while also clocking some quality one-on-one time AND supporting your child's development. Here’s how it looks:

Step 1: Sort the dirty laundry

Guide your kids to sort the laundry into blacks, whites, colours, towels and sheets. 

piles of laundry about to be cleaned by natural eco friendly non toxic laundry strips from the Clean Crate Subscription box

Developmental benefits: 
Sorting and categorization are crucial building blocks for language development and the understanding of mathematics, geometry, taxonomy and other sciences

Step 2: Laundry detergent

Have your child open the Tru Earth laundry strips cardboard package and rip off one single strip. Your child can easily place it in the drum (for top loading machines) or in the dispenser (for front loading machines). Tru Earth laundry strips make doing laundry super accessible to young kids and older adults alike! No fumbling with giant plastic jugs. 

Developmental benefits: 
By learning how to use a washing machine and dryer, your children are gaining critical life skills that need to be taught! These skills aren’t just absorbed like other areas of knowledge acquisition.

Furthermore, by using eco-friendly low waste products like Tru Earth laundry strips you are being a Green Role Model. You are supporting your child to develop an awareness of the environment and establish positive sustainable habits.

Step 3: Sort clean laundry 

Once the clothes are washed and dried, create a large pile of laundry on a bed or couch. Position laundry baskets a distance away from your child and assign one basket per family member. Have your child throw each piece of laundry into the appropriate basket. 

Developmental benefits:
This activity combines sorting, physical literacy and fun! Throwing is a fundamental movement skill important not only for sports but also moving around our world effectively. Children need plenty of opportunities to practice these movements which aren’t learned without experience. Developing physical literacy early in life supports confidence and healthy activity levels later in life. 

    Cleaning for a healthy home and happy planet

    As parents with 4 children under the age of 6, we love incorporating these activities into our daily cleaning routine. Tru Earth laundry strips make laundry accessible for children, get even the toughest kid messes out of clothes and greatly reduce the impact our household is having on the environment.   

    We were so impressed with Tru Earth laundry strips that we featured them in our first season’s Clean Crate Subscription Box. The response from our customers was so positive they are the permanent laundry detergent in our Signature Clean Crates which are available every season. To learn more about how Tru Earth got started, visit them at Tru.Earth