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How Commercial Cleaning Products Affect Your Home

There is an adage and stop me if you have heard this one before - a clean home is a happy home – and it is unless you are using the wrong products to clean it! Who doesn’t love the feeling of accomplishment and the scent of freshness that we receive when we do more than a tidy?

No matter where you are buying your traditional cleaning products, from Dollar Store to Whole Foods, knowing what is in them and how they affect not only your surfaces, but your family and pets, is important. Most readily available cleaning products are created with toxic chemicals and potentially leave dangerous chemicals throughout your home. There is nothing in them (except ‘water’) that is eco-friendly and non-toxic!


The Clean Crate Company’s ‘5 Nasty Products’ Toxic Ingredient Hit List

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  • Laundry Detergent

First produced in ancient Babylon, laundry soap has come a long way in 4,800 years! Today’s version is a complicated mix of dozens of cleaning agents, enzymes, proteins, perfumes, and is much more harmful than you can imagine. Detergent now contains 1,4-Dioxane (which is found in paints and varnishes), synthetic fragrances (trigger skin sensitivities and asthma attacks), nonylphenol ethoxylates (endocrine disruptors, affect fetal development), and so many more. 

  • Bleach (sodium hypochlorite)

Women have been using bleach for decades (and decades) without fully realizing that it is a concentrated chemical! Yes, it does brighten your clothing and disinfects your home, but at what cost? That simple white jug on the shelf is not harmless. The fumes that emerge once that top is twisted off causes skin, throat, and eye irritation. 

The tiny print also recommends being careful when mixing it with other cleaners, especially those containing ammonia. This combination will produce extremely poisonous gases. 

  • Window & Glass Cleaner

Ammonia is the key ingredient in common household cleaners. This chemical is highly irritating to the eyes, nose, throat, and skin. It would be wise to avoid irritating ingredients, and create a safer home for you, your family, pets, and guests. Price is literally the only thing ammonia has going for it, but what price-tag do you put on safety? (See ‘bleach’ above for more dangers)

  • Anti-bacterial Cleaners

Given these products’ name, you would think that ‘anti-bacterial’ is best at removing harmful bacteria from household surfaces and our hands. Still, in reality, they are not much more efficient than other cleaning agents, or soap for that matter. Studies have also shown that the use of anti-bacterial soap creates antibiotic-resistant bacteria, defeating the whole reasoning behind using anti-bacterial soap in the first place! 

  • Mold & Mildew Remover

Stop me if this sounds familiar – you just sprayed the shower stall with a popular foaming cleanser and are waiting in the hallway to be able to breathe again? The powerful fungicide chemicals found in mould and mildew removers are known causes of respiratory problems and should be avoided. 

But, you say, these are all cleaning products that I need for my home! Not to worry, we have sourced Canadian-made and regulated, eco-friendly and non-toxic products that work just as effectively, without all the harmless effects.


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The Clean Crate Company refuses to support any products that are harmful to your family. In fact, all the products that you will find in your Subscription Crate are products we use our own homes every day!