Get Ready For Spring Cleaning - Here's 4 Simple Eco-Friendly Things To Do Get You Started

Get Ready For Spring Cleaning - Here's 4 Simple Eco-Friendly Things To Do Get You Started

As the short winter days slowly begin to get a little longer, the skies get a little brighter, and the weather gets a little warmer, it's time to start thinking about getting your home ready for spring! 

Be ready for when the mood to 'Spring Clean The Eco-Friendly Way' hits! Here are 4 things to do to get your spring cleaning off to successful and efficient start! 

  1. Create an organization station
  2. Wash your floor mats 
  3. Dust your blinds
  4. Stock up on your essentials 

 1. Create an Organization Station 

women organizing items in her home

A super simple way to stay organized and be efficient when you are decluttering from winter! Find 3 bins, baskets, boxes or bags and place them together in one area of your house that is easy to access.  We prefer bins for this, but really anything you have to hold items in is fine! 

1st bin is for consignment items

If you didn't wear it or use it this season, what are the chances you will wear it (clothes, jackets etc) or use it (touques, scarves etc) next season?  If you have kids with gently used clothes that they have grown out of, this is a perfect way to save some money, and to be a little more sustainable. Here's the thing: this bin will probably need to be stored until next fall when consignment stores are looking for winter clothes.  But if you're organized about it this year, it will be easy to drop off at your local consignment store next year and the money you make on your used items will save you money throughout next years winter season when shop for 'new' gently used items that you need at that time! 

2nd bin is for items for donation

You may need more room then just a bin - but for small items like extra kitchen utensils that are collecting dust, old toys that are no longer played with, used books that will never be read again - toss them in the bin and free up some space in your home. If you don't have time to head to drop off your items, here's a list of charities that do free pick up for donations, and might be in your area. 

  • GreenDrop.
  • Big Brothers.
  • Salvation Army.
  • Habitat for Humanity.
  • Goodwill.
  • Pick Up Please.
  • Furniture Bank.

If you haven't joined your local Buy Nothing Group on Facebook yet, this is another great way to share your donation items with your community while being sustainable and keeping them out of the landfill!  

3rd bin is for items that can be recycled

Did you know that you can easily check your local provincial recycling site to see if an item can be recycled?  If you are a BC resident, check it out the handy search function at RecycleBC 

 2. Wash your Floor Mats, like now! 

floor mat inside a home

Door mats are great for helping to trap dirt, pesticides, chemicals and bacteria from being spread around your house when we come inside with your shoes on, but they need to be regularly washed! Bathroom mats that get wet on a daily basis need to properly cleaned with soap to keep the bacteria build up at bay.  Wash on a gentle or delicate cycle with 1 eco-laundry strip and 1 all natural stink bomb (odour remover) and tumble dry on low if your mats are dryer safe, otherwise hang to dry.  Use sanitizing setting on the dryer if available, or hang out in the sun as a natural disinfectant (weather permitting of course!) 

On a regular basis, you can freshen and sanitize your mats using our antibacterial linen spray too! For more in-depth details on how to specifically clean your door mats, check out this blog

3. Dust your Blinds or Wash your Curtains 

If you live in an area where the sun doesn't shine much in the winter, like the west coast, you will likely be shocked to see the dust that has built up over the season, particularly on your blinds!🙈 If you are diligent at cleaning them on a regular basis, the kudos to you!  But most of us, just clean the messes that we can see, so now time to dig a little deeper into your cleaning routing.  

There are many fun tools to use to clean blinds, but we like to keep it simple! Grab a brand new sponge cloth that has been slightly dampened with water, spray with a couple sprays of The unscented Co All Purpose Cleaner (we recommend this one for easy, streak free all over cleaning) and wipe wipe wipe. If you have curtains that can be washed - do it! Your home will feel instantly fresher and the reductions in air born allergens and air born dust particles will be significantly reduced. 

4. Stock up on Non-Toxic, All Natural Cleaning Essentials 

All natural and  eco-friendly household cleaning products

Time to check under the cupboards to see what you need to stock up on! Make sure you have the basics ready to go when the mood to clean hits. We recommend a qood all over all purpose cleaner like The Unscented Co All Purpose Cleaner (which also works well on windows and mirrors) or ATTITUDE 99% Disinfectant All Purpose Cleaner as well as a stronger one like Live For Tomorrow's Elbow Grease.  For the bathroom, stock up on Aspen Clean's Bathroom Cleaner and Scrubbing Powder. These products are EWG verified so they are safe for your whole family while still being incredibly effective at removing built up soap scum and grime!  The Bare Co Toilet Bowl Cleaner is an awesome addition to your staple bathroom cleaners because its all natural ingredients and natural disinfecting properties (like tea tree oil) are safe for your family and the environment!  For floors, The LemonAid Floor Cleaner will give your home a fresh lemon scent! Lastly, make sure to order some new compostable sponge cloths which are naturally antibacterial due to their quick drying capabilities, and bonus, they are zero waste too! 

If you're interested in swapping all your household daily cleaning essentials to eco-friendly, sustainable and all natural products that are made by Canadian Brands, check out the Clean Crate Subscription.  Clean Crates ship free in Canada and after you receive your first curated delivery, your deliveries are fully customizable! 

At The Clean Crate Company, our goal is to make it easy for Canadian households to make simple changes for a healthier home and a happier planet.