Earthly Goods - A Vita Daily Lifestyle Magazine Feature

Earthly Goods - A Vita Daily Lifestyle Magazine Feature

In a recent lifestyle article by Vita Daily that was distributed through The Globe and Mail, The Clean Crate Company was included in an exciting feature - '5 Canadian Brands With Sustainability Built Right Into Their Businesses (Win!)'.  Written by Aileen Lalor, this article highlights 5 new female lead businesses that are making waves in the world of sustainability. 

The Clean Crate Company

"This B.C.-based company was established in April 2020 as a quarterly subscription box for eco-friendly cleaning essentials: the things that we go through in high volume, such as laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, dishwasher tablets and all-purpose cleaner. “The idea is to help Canadian families easily transition to non-toxic cleaning products,” explains Clean Crate Company co-founder Candice Kincaid. “Having the subscription box adds a bit of fun to the everyday as people explore things they’ve never tried before, and we can also support independent Canadian brands that people might not usually encounter, especially at the moment when it’s harder to get to the natural food stores where they’re often available.”

The brand sources products from labels like AspenClean, Biovert and Attitude, which stick to biodegradable ingredients such as olive oil, white vinegar and baking soda to get your home sparkling. Packaging is minimal and recyclable, and there are other thoughtful eco-friendly measures, like laundry detergents only sold in strips, not huge bottles. Most of all, it’s about quality. “We test everything ourselves, so we know it’s going to work. That’s the best way to ensure products won’t get wasted.” The quarterly box costs $99 including shipping (a saving of $10 on the products, and you also get samples thrown in). Plus, you can shop ad-hoc add-ons from the online store"

Read the full article here.

All 5 businesses: Clean Crate Company Everist, Better Basics, MOB Beauty, Mini-Cycle that were featured in the article have teamed up to offer incredible Earth Day prize pack valued at $510! Visit on Instagram to enter!