Earth Day is Everyday Giveaway Series

Earth Day is Everyday Giveaway Series

We are excited to announce our Earth Day is Everyday Giveaway Series hosted exclusively by The Clean Crate Company.  Giveaways will be running between the months of March and May 2021 and feature products from Canadian brands that offer eco-conscious, sustainable and earth-friendly solutions for everyday household needs!

At the Clean Crate Company, we believe that making simple, attainable and consistent choices is the key to achieving a healthier home and a happier planet.  It’s a daily commitment to choosing sustainable options and becoming aware of our impact on the environment around us. 

The selection and quality of eco-friendly home products continues to improve every year.  New and exciting solutions to traditional household staples are entering the market all the time. We have come a long way since the infamous Earth Day was established in 1970,  but we still have a very long road ahead! 

How to Choose Earth Friendly, Family Safe Options Everyday

As mothers, we know it isn’t always easy or convenient to make eco-conscious choices -  life gets busy and decisions can be overwhelming. That's why our goal at The Clean Crate Company is to help make it a little easier to shop Canadian and to Green Up you Clean up. We source, test and curate top quality Canadian products and deliver them directly to your door. 

women washing her hands in the kitchen

By opting to use non-toxic, biodegradable products in your home, you are not only keeping your family safe, but you are keeping harsh chemicals out of our precious water systems and helping to mitigate the impact of toxins on our important aquatic life. 

By choosing to purchase products that are low or zero waste or in reusable packaging, you are doing your part to keep waste out of landfills.  By setting positive examples for the next generation, our children are learning how to be more eco-conscious and aware of their own impact on the planet..

What Prizes are in Store

Our giveaway series kicks off with a Go Eco Laundry Bundle.  Three zero waste laundry room staples that are an easy alternative to traditional laundry room items; they avoid all the ingredients on our Top 5 Nasty Products Hit list, and give you the clean, fresh laundry you are looking for without harsh chemicals.

mother and child in laundry room

Go Eco Laundry Bundle includes: 

  • True Earth Laundry Strips (64 loads)
  • ATTITUDE reusable dryer sheets (200 uses)
  • The Bare Co Laundry Stain Buster Bar

Enter the giveaway here.

Eco-Laundry Strips have exploded onto the market with a fresh and convenient solution to reducing plastics in our landfill.  There are many surprising benefits to making the switch to eco-strips, including how getting your kids involved with your eco-friendly laundry routine can help with their development.

Looking to Green Up Your Clean Up but Don’t Know Where to Start?

The Clean Crate Company offers a seasonal subscription box that includes all your daily household cleaning essentials and bonus eco extras that will make it simple to introduce non-toxic, eco-friendly products into your home.  All our products are sourced from Canadian Brands, thoroughly tested for effectiveness and consciously packaged and delivered in compostable packing peanuts.