Compostable: What does that even mean?

Compostable: What does that even mean?

There are so many words we hear when we are learning how to green up our lifestyle.  "Compostable" is one of those keywords, but how do you actually know what it means and what to do with compostable items? Here's the quick and dirty - no pun intended;)      

Compostable Explained

What it means: An item that breaks down in 90 days or less to create usable compost (for example soil). For an item to be considered compostable it must not contaminate the soil in any way.
How to compost: Put household food waste, sponge cloths, loofahs, soiled paper napkins, chopsticks, bamboo toothbrush handles etc. into your food waste bin or personal compost.
By composting you are contributing to the creation of soil to renourish the earth, becoming part of a the 'green up' solution and reducing harmful waste. 

What's wrong with putting compostable items in the trash?  

Food waste and other compostable items that end up in the landfill take exponentially longer to break down and, in the absence of the proper composting environment, release methane, a powerful greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.

Introducing New Compostable Home Essentials

Here at the Clean Crate we are committed to being apart of the solution to climate change, we include compostable products and items in our Clean Crate Subscription Boxes.Not sure if one of our products is compostable? Click the "Why you'll love it" tab on product pages where we list all the awesome eco characteristics of the products we carry.