Carbon Footprint: What Does It Mean And 3 Ways To Easily Reduce Yours

Carbon Footprint: What Does It Mean And 3 Ways To Easily Reduce Yours

We hear about our Carbon Footprint all the time, every wonder what that actually means and what you can do about it? 

Carbon Footprint is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide that is produced by the activities of a person or company.” OK...why don’t we want more carbon dioxide in our environment? 

According to the David Suzuki Foundation humans are emitting record levels of carbon dioxide. “Carbon dioxide builds up in the atmosphere, along with other greenhouse gas emissions, creating a “greenhouse effect,” whereby energy from the sun gets trapped and Earth’s temperature rises.”

A rise in the earth’s temperature doesn’t equate to more beach days but a variety of extreme weather events, disruption to our food systems, dangerous health consequences, loss of homes, natural environments and animal species. 

The Government of Canada reports that the “specific activities [that contribute to Canadians’ carbon footprint] include: driving vehicles, electricity production, heating and cooling of buildings, operation of appliances and equipment, production and transportation of goods, and provision of services and transportation for communities.

So what can you do? So much! Small changes go a long way! 

1. Shop Canadian brands! 

Canadian made products have a lower carbon footprint - these products and everything that is in them has been transported less distance before it gets into your hands. Check out more on how Shopping Canadian makes you awesome! 

2. Reduce your energy consumption

This one is sooooo easy.  For small simple changes you can make now check out 21 tips: no-cost ways to save electricity

Women standing with her bike in a field

3. Experiment with a new or different mode of transportation

Especially with summer approaching (and the end of COVID restrictions in sight), plan errands or appointments by incorporating an outdoor activity! Walk there, have an adventure on public transport with your kids, ride a bike or hitch a ride and take the opportunity to visit a friend at the same time!

At Clean Crate we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint as well as yours. We are here to support you shopping local, eco-friendly, quality products, and save you trips to the stores in the process. Our Clean Crate subscription is the perfect tool to get you started on reducing the carbon footprint of your household.