Canadian Brand Spotlight - The Bare Co.

Canadian Brand Spotlight - The Bare Co.

We all want a home that is free of nasty chemicals, sparkling clean and smells delicious right? It might be the goal but it isn't always easy! If you have tried to make your own cleaners using water, essential oils and maybe a splash of vinegar but have found yourself sadly disappointed with the cleaning result - then we have the perfect solution for you!   

When we found The Bare Co  products, lovingly made in Alberta Canada and mindfully packaged in glass bottles, we were over the moon excited! Using only simple, all natural ingredients, these cleaners not only smell delicious, help to disinfect your home but also work incredibly well! They have quickly become a Clean Crate favourite! 

We recently interviewed the creators of this all natural line of products so we could share more about their brand with you! 

3 glass bottle all natural cleaners

What inspired you to create The Bare Co? 

We have both always loved to clean. Cleaning helps clear our cluttered minds and de-stress. As we learned more and more about the chemicals we were using in our daily lives and the negative impacts on both our bodies and the environment, our minds became more cluttered and we became more stressed. We decided that something needed to change! When we created The Bare Co, we wanted to create natural cleaners that were super simple. Cleaners that we could pick up and understand the ingredient list.  We wanted the process of cleaning your home to be a positive and refreshing experience all around. It was important to us to create cleaners that were natural and safe for you and your family, that smell great, and make cleaning easy.  

It was also important to us to create a whole line of cleaners. While we love a good all purpose cleaner, we also love being able to have specialty products that take care of and prolong the life of your furniture and fixtures. Whether that be nourishing wood furniture, polishing steel or stone surfaces, or removing stains, we love offering products that help you take good care of your home.

What sets your company and products apart from other eco  - conscious brands?

The biggest thing that makes our cleaners different from other eco-conscious brands is the simplicity of our products. Most natural, plant or mineral derived cleaners are still made from highly processed chemicals. As a consumer, trying to understand the safety of these naturally-derived chemicals is difficult. We wanted to create cleaners that we could pick up and understand the ingredient list. Importantly, we wanted each ingredient in our products to be safe for the people in our lives as well as the environment. We have four main "bare" criteria for everything that goes into our products. Our ingredients need to be simple to understand, non-toxic and safe, natural, and most importantly effective. Something that is unique to our products is that we do not use any chemical emulsifiers. Once our products sit on the shelf, the ingredients will separate. This is why you need to SHAKE our products before use. And while it may take a tiny bit more effort to shake our cleaners and get all of those good ingredients mixed up, we think the earth is worth it!

Where do you see your brands and product line up in 5 years?  

In 5 years, we hope to be developing new innovative products that are safe for our homes and the environment. As we grow as a company, we also want to keep our values at the forefront of our business by continuing to use safe ingredients, focusing on eco friendly packaging, and honestly just having fun and loving what we do! 

The Clean Crate Company is looking forward to continuing to share this incredible line up of products with our customers! Visit our Add-On Shop for the full selection of products from The Bare Co!