Canadian Brand Spotlight - Green Cricket

Canadian Brand Spotlight - Green Cricket

How One Mother's Mission to Help Her Daughter Turned Into An Inspiring Canadian Brand

At The Clean Crate Company, we source top quality eco-friendly, non-toxic products made by Canadians, for Canadians. 

When we began testing the Canadian made products that would be included in our Signature Clean Crate Subscription Box, we immediately feel in love with the Green Cricket Liquid Dish Soap. We tested it against multiple dish soaps, and it continued to impress us with it's grease fighting power, soapy lather and gentle texture. It was an easy win for both the Signature Scented and Unscented Clean Crate.

The Clean Crate Subscription Box

As we started to further explore their portfolio of products, we were continuously impressed with their high quality, effective, all natural household and personal care products that ticked many boxes for us:

  • Canadian
  • Female owned
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Biodegradable & Septic Safe
  • No parabens, SLS, SLES, PEG, artificial fragrances or colour
Foaming hand soap and refil

Their Foaming Hand Soap was added as an option for our subscribers in their seasonal delivery, as well as in our Add-on Shop.  We love that they offer a 5X Refill for the foaming hand soap, which is a perfect option for those looking to reduce waste and for hand soap options available in both scented or unscented.   

About The Founder 

We sat down with their founder, Susan Mey, to learn more about the story of the Green Cricket brand and their plans for the future.

Susen Mey  Owner of Green Cricket

What inspired you to create the Green Cricket line of products? 

I was always searching for better quality products that my daughter could use without her hands and scalp breaking out, or swelling up in a rash!  So many “health and wellness” brands were not as clean in terms of ingredients as the front of their label suggested….so I went about to create our own line of clean, naturally derived household cleaning and personal care products.  Turns out that over 30% of the population suffers from some form of allergy, skin sensitivity or asthma and products that do not contain artificial fragrance, color, chemical surfactants or harsh cleaning agents are uniformly requested online and at retail.  This has generated the great demand for our extensive line of Green Cricket fragrance free products.

What sets your company and products apart from other eco  - conscious brands?

There are many great companies out there that we are proud to line up with in moving the market towards a more environmentally sustainable model.  We are a Canadian brand, and make all of our products in Toronto using locally sourced materials and ingredients as much as possible to minimize impact.  We also are moving to concentrates and promoting refills as much as possible to reduce waste and help consumers with household budgets too.  We are releasing a line of beautiful glass bottles, and hope to get away from plastic as much as possible in the years to come.

Where do you see your brands and product line up in 5 years?  

We see the movement towards less plastic and re-use to continue to grow over the next 5 years, and we plan to continue to focus on moving away from plastic containers as much as we can, and minimizing water in our formulations so that shipping costs and environmental footprint is reduced.  We also believe that online shopping, and home delivery is here to stay and having partners like Clean Crate making it easy for people to make good choices, is an excellent way for us to deliver better more sustainable solutions to Canadians!

At The Clean Crate Company, we look forward to continuing to work with Susan and her incredible team at Green Cricket.