Five Easy Ways To Reduce Toxins In Your Home

Five Easy Ways To Reduce Toxins In Your Home

It's become common place to think about detoxing our bodies, but how often do we think about detoxing our homes? We live and breathe in our homes everyday, shouldn't we consider getting ride of the unhealthy toxins there too!?

But where do you start!?  How do we know where to find toxins in our home and how to get rid of them?  Here's the thing - toxins accumulate around your home every single day and have an affect on both the physical and mental health of you, your family and your pets. We have some simple suggestions to help get your started, because regularly detoxing your home from unnecessary toxins is a great way to support long term wellbeing. 

Here are 5 simple ways to help keep the nasties at bay:

  1. Purifying the air (naturally!)
  2. Avoiding chemical air fresheners 
  3. Having lots of houseplants
  4. Cleaning regularly
  5. Using natural cleaning products

Method 1: Purify the air

The air in your home is full of contaminants and unhealthy particles that pose a threat to the respiratory systems for your family and your pets. For those suffering from asthma or allergies this method is especially important. 

Opening windows will let fresh air circulate through your home, greatly reducing the concentration of floating toxins and improving the indoor air quality. If possible, it’s best to open 2 windows on opposite sides of a room, so a cool breeze will ventilate your home even faster. 

Try leaving a sliver open when you go to bed, and use a window stopper if you’re worried about intruders getting in.  

Method 2: Avoid using chemical air fresheners 

Reducing and eliminating the use of artificial and chemicals air fresheners is a critical step to detoxing your home. Although they may temporarily mask unwanted odours or provide a fresh scent, they also emit many toxic and hazardous chemicals 'For instance, primary emissions such as terpenes can readily react with ozone to generate secondary pollutants such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, glycol ethers, free radicals (such as hydroperoxy and alkyl peroxy radicals), and ultrafine particles'. Anne Steinemann - ( internationally recognized for her research on fragranced consumer product emissions, indoor air quality, healthy buildings, and exposure assessment.

The chemicals released from artificial air fresheners have been associated with serious side effects, such as headaches and breathing difficulties, as well as health issues like lung damage and cancer. 

Avoiding the use of any artificial scents or scented toxic cleaners around your home is also recommended as the chemicals ingredients can linger in the air for many hours after use, impacting indoor air quality. Learn more about the differences in scent free and unscented products in To Scent or Not to Scent.


Method 3: Placing houseplants around your home. 

Plants absorb the carbon dioxide that we breathe out and converts it into oxygen. This completely natural recycling process is beneficial both ways, for them and us. 

Having indoor plants has been proven to be one of the best filters for fresh air in our homes. Here are 5 of the most effective types of plants for indoor air purification that you can easily have in your home with:

  1. Spider Plants 
  2. Dracaenas
  3. Golden Pothos
  4. Bamboo Plants
  5. Chrysanthemum 

These healthy additions to your home also work to improve your mood, stress levels, focus, and overall wellbeing!

women vacuuming

Method 4: Cleaning regularly

Ok, we know...maybe an obvious one...but did you know that the suggested frequency of vacuuming your home is twice a week? And daily if you have pets! This step is vital to maintaining a healthy indoor environment and reducing toxin build up. 

Bacteria, dirt and dust particles accumulate in your rugs, carpet, floors and corners of your home that overtime can have a negative impact on the air quality and trigger allergies.  Using a quality vacuum with an air filter is an easy and simple way to keep dust and toxins away. 

Regular cleaning of your bathroom and kitchen is also essential to detoxing your home. Using an all natural all-purpose disinfectant like ATTITUDE will make this task easy and safe. Spray and leave the cleaner for 10 minutes before wiping to give it time to properly kill bacteria.  Make sure to spray in corners too! Corners are often overlooked and can harbour a lot of bacteria.  

Box filled with eco-friendly cleaning products

Method 5: Using natural cleaning products

We certainly couldn't leave this one out ;) Commercial cleaning products are responsible for most of the toxic pollutants that linger in your home and switching to natural, plant and mineral based products can have a longer term positive impact on your home, your family and your pets!

Every time a table is wiped or a dish is scrubbed, large amounts of residue filled with chemicals are left behind and evaporated into the air you breathe. Read more about how do cleaning products affect our environment details on the detriments non-natural cleaning products bring.  

You may find you enjoy cleaning just a little bit more too! No more running out of the bathroom to get a breath of fresh air after you've cleaned the tub with harsh chemicals.  Natural products can be just as affective, without the hazards. 

This is why we recommend using natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic, vegan, biodegradable, and sustainable products to clean your home. If you're not sure where to start, The Clean Crate has done the work for you. 

In our seasonal subscription service and Add-Ons, there is a variety of environmentally friendly cleaning products. Choose from naturally scented to unscented products, all sourced exclusively from Canadian brands.

Writing and research by Alina Zhang, editing by Candice Kincaid