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4 Reasons Shopping Canadian Makes You Awesome!

There is a common narrative these days about shopping local...ever wonder what makes it so important? Here's why!

1. Reduce your carbon footprint

Have you heard about food miles? This is the distance food travels before it makes its way to your household and your table. The idea being that if we shop locally for food we will get fresher food with a lower carbon footprint.

The same principal can be applied to everything you buy! When you purchase Canadian products you can rest assured that they have spent less time on trains, trucks, and airplanes - some of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions

2. Support and bolster the Canadian economy

Canadian business owners

Pictured here: Founder of The Clean Crate Company, Founders of Live For Tomorrow, Founder of Green Cricket Lifestyle,  Founders of Eco Living Club

Did you know that small and medium sized businesses make up over 99% of the Canadian economy, employing more than 10 million people?!!! As the Retail Council of Canada states: “Local retailers are the backbone of the Canadian economy.” By supporting Canadian companies and brands you are contributing to rebuilding our economy post COVID. As the saying goes - “we are in this together” and we are going to get out of it together. 

3. You will feel awesome 

The experience of shopping local is so much more positive and meaningful. Support your neighbours, family members or fellow Canadians across the country. Know that you are making a difference to an actual person’s life! AND receive high levels of customer service while making connections to real people. See above for a few of the Canadians you are supporting when you shop at

4. Unique products and gifts 

Women holding a Clean Crate box

When you shop local you have the opportunity to try new and amazing products and discover unique gifts. At Clean Crate we take the guesswork out of finding effective, eco-friendly, Canadian household products and offer the perfect no-nonsense gifts for a new homeowner, mum-to-be, person recovering from illness or just an eco-minded friend. For more Canadian services, products and gift ideas check out Shop Local Canada.