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Bringing Joy To Your Daily Chores!

Canadian eco-brands. Mindfully selected. Delivered to your door. 

Why Choose The Clean Crate

Canadian - Products sourced exclusively from Canadian brands.

Quality - Non-toxic, natural and eco-friendly household cleaning essentials. 

Tested - Carefully selected and tested by us, for you. 

Selection - An exciting variety of  new brands to try in your Clean Crate each season. 

Convenient - Choose Add-Ons to complement your Clean Crate so you never run out of what you need. 

Clean Crate Subscription

Crates include: Surface cleaner + hand soap + dish washing soap + dishwasher + laundry detergent + bonus eco-extras.

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Scented Daily Essentials Crate ($125 VALUE)
Scented Daily Essentials Crate ($125 VALUE)

Scented Daily Essentials Crate ($125 VALUE)


Unscented Daily Essentials Crate ($125 VALUE)
Unscented Daily Essentials Crate ($125 VALUE)

Unscented Daily Essentials Crate ($125 VALUE)


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Clean Crate Unpacking

Check out the Canadian products featured in the Fall 2020 Daily Essentials Clean Crates (unscented and scented options)


Some love from our awesome customers.

Jenny O’Callaghan

I had the pleasure of using several products from Clean Crate Company and I can’t say enough about the great service I received and the quality of their products. It is important to me that we are using safe cleaning products in our home. The added bonus is: Clean Crate is locally owned and all of their products are Canadian made. Highly recommend them!

Riley Lawson

I loved getting this box in the mail! It’s so full of great products and knowing that they’re all clean and Canadian makes it even sweeter. My favourite product is the laundry detergent sheets - they are seriously so easy, take up less storage and waste so much less. Highly recommend!

Vanessa Bucceri

I’ve been wanting to make better choices when it comes to my home cleaning routine, but with so many products on the market, it’s hard to know what to choose. Clean Crate did all the research for me and sourced products that not only work great but are good for the environment too! I couldn’t be happier with the quality and selection.